Pressure Welding Bar Connector WB2541 (DuPont 2.54 / RE & RF) 2.54mm Pitch

  • Economical replacement for DuPont 2.54 / JST RE & RF Connector, similar specification & quality but low price.
  • Well suited for completing the internal connections of office automation equipment, such as personal computers, office computers, and their peripheral devices.
  • Double-leaf spring contact withstands the stresses caused by repeated mating and unmating..
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Product Profile

Series:WB2541(DuPont 2.54 / RE & RF ) Pressure Welding Bar Connector
Category:Wire-to-Board type Pressure Welding Bar Connector
Type:Crimp style, Internal connection for OA equipments, Disconnectable type
PC board mounting direction:Top entry, Side entry

Model Explanation

WB: Wire-to-Board Connector
WW: Wire-to-Wire Connector
BI: Board-in Connector
Series number
H: Housing
T: Terminal
PT: Top Entry type Pressure Welding Bar Wafer
PS: Side Entry type Pressure Welding Bar Wafer
ST: Top Entry type SMT Wafer
SS: Side Entry type SMT Wafer


Pitch:2.54 mm
Poles:1 ~ 40 / 2 x 2 ~ 40 x 2 P
Current rating:3.0 A AC/DC
Voltage rating:250 V AC/DC
Temperature range:-25 ~ 85 ℃
Contact resistance:≤ 20 mΩ
Insulation resistance:≥ 1000 MΩ
Withstand voltage:1500 V AC/minute
Applicable wire:AWG #26 ~ #22
Applicable PC board thickness:1.6 mm