Knowledge about Connector Reliability Can Lead to More Reliable Products

Reprinted from FORCE Technology The vast majority of electrical devices are equipped with one or more types of connector, which are known for often being crucial to the reliability of a product. As a designer of electronic products, you may need to find out whether the connectors are the weak point in the design, and whether you have chosen the correct connection, which does not reduce the product’s reliability and

Design Checklist for Cable & Wiring Harnesses

Reprinted from FUSION DESIGN Checklists ensure that we have a full understanding of the requirements and that we can prevent errors before they occur. For each design we check all of the items on the checklist, and even more. Often, we need to use our engineering judgment on the trade-off between the size, cost, performance, testability, and manufacturability of the product. Overall Requirements Create performance specifications Are the wiring diagrams