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Metal Touch Switch T25-F10P Φ25

Hegxing supplies various of metal push button switch, include metal, illumination, touch, connector and high current series, which is wildly apply to machine, equipment, vehicle, etc.

The metal push button switches have advantages of economy, durability, easy mounting.




Mounting diameter Φ 25 mm
Head type Flat round type
Switch combination 1NO
Connection type Pin type
Suitable panel thickness 1 ~ 15 mm
Switch type Slow moving double contact
Switch rating Ui: AC 250 V / Ith: 5 A
Contact resistance ≤ 50 mΩ
Insulation resistance ≥ 1000 mΩ
Insulation strength 2000 VAC
Temperature range -20 ~ 55 ℃
Screw torque 5 ~ 14 N.m
Case & Button Material Stainless steel / Nickel plated barss / Aluminum alloy oxide
Base Material Plastics
Contact Material Silver alloy
Protection grade IP65, IK08

Model Explanation

M 7 A -F 10 M P -S R -S
M: Metal series
I: Illumination series
T: Touch series
L: Large current series
C: Connector series
Mounting diameter
Φ7 / Φ8 / Φ10 / Φ12 / Φ16 / Φ19 / Φ22 / Φ25 / Φ30
Style Code
Head type
F: Flat round type
H: High flat round type
B: Ball type
R: Rotation type
K: Key type
Switch combination
10: 1NO
01: 1NC
11: 1NO + 1NC
22: 2NO + 2NC
Operation type
M: Momentary type
L: Latching type
Connection type
P: Pin type
T: Terminal type
Illumination type
S: Single point
A: Annular
M: Multipoint
SA: Single point + Annular
Illumination color
R: Red / G: Green / Y: Yellow / O: Orange / B: Blue / W: White
Case material
S: Stainless steel
B: Nickel plated brass
A: Aluminum alloy oxide
P: Plastics