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TE AMP Superseal 1.5 Automotive Connector 282107-1 (5 Pin, Male)

• Sturdy and reliable contacts
• Double contact spring design
• Secondary lock ensures correct and complete insertion of the contact
• Comprised of black 6.6 glass filled poly-amide
• 1 – 6 positions
• Plug housings for receptacle contacts, cap housings and tab contact variants
• Pre-assembled secondary lock
• Silicon rubber seals
• Panel or cable mount
• Suitable for powertrain, security, and body & chassis systems
• Dielectric withstand voltage 1500 Vrms
• Waterproof exceeding IP67
• Proven sealing reliability
• Designed for under-hood environments
• Temperature range -40 to +125°C


Product Details

Superseal series 1.5 automotive connectors offered in plug housings for receptacle contacts, and cap housings for tab contact variants. These connectors are made from black 6.6 glass filled polyamide, with a pre-assembled secondary lock. The automotive connector plug housings have silicon rubber seals, and the cap housings can also be panel mounted. Durable hard wearing automotive connectors, suitable for many solutions, including truck, bus, agriculture, and off-road vehicles.

Developed to meet the constantly increasing needs and requirements for safety and reliability in the electrical connection field, these connectors fulfill all the requirements prescribed by the various automotive and industrial standards. Typical applications include various automotive sensor devices, oil pressure senders, water temperature monitoring or any application requiring waterproof protection to IP67.


Type Automotive Connector
Series AMP Superseal 1.5
Part Number 282107-1
Number of Contact 5
Gender Male
Mouting Type Cable Mount
Depth 42 mm
Housing Material Nylon